Tim Bits Presents: Hockey Fight in Canada (:30)

We open on a hockey face-off. The organ is playing “She’ll Be Coming Around the Mountain When She Comes,” the fans are cheering, and then the buzzer sounds. The puck is sent flying to the outer boards and Crazy Larry chases after it.


Crazy Larry: huhaoo!


Jelly from the blue team comes out of no where and checks Crazy Larry.


Jelly: huhaa!


Crazy Larry: eeeh.


Jelly: woohoo!


The two players get into a scuffle and both lose their helmets. Crazy Larry is left flat on the ice as Jelly skates off with the puck. Crazy Larry slowly rights himself and flies into a violent rage.


Crazy Larry: eeaaar.






Crazy Larry comes up behind Jelly and whacks him with his stick.


Jelly: huh-oorf.




Jelly’s filling spills out onto the ice and Crazy Larry skates away with the puck.


Crazy Larry: HeaahhHAHA!




End Card: Tim Hortons. As Canadian As Possible.


The Zamboni comes out to clean the jelly off the ice. The driver sings a little song to himself along with the organ music.

Zamboni Driver: Bududbudbeedabeedabadbadaboo.